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Shanghai Ruihao cooperates with European and American engineering consulting companies, with the strong technical support ability of European and American engineering consulting companies, combined with the engineering skills of the company's own professional and technical personnel, to jointly develop and expand domestic business, bring the advanced concepts of European and American into China, improve the production efficiency of production units, save energy and reduce consumption, and jointly develop new applications. Sh...
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  • Engineering design
  • Distillation systemn
  • Film evaporator
  • Pharmaceutical intermediate
  • Polymer production technology
News and information
For a domestic polycarbonate engineering plastics project, Shanghai Ruihao provided several falling film reboilers, evaporators, and mixers of this unit with its excellent design experience and customer
In 2017, Shanghai Ruihao actively deployed in the polymer production industry, taking full advantage of the experience and advantages of foreign partners, and made progress in PIB, PC, latex and other i
In order to better serve the customers in the pharmaceutical industry, Shanghai ruihao has been actively expanding its business in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. In 2017, it has made great ac
Due to business needs and staff expansion, Shanghai ruihao chemical technology co., ltd. moved its office from keyuan road to no. 26 qiuyue road, zhangjiang high-tech park, pudong district. Welcome frie
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