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Shanghai Ruihao cooperates with European and American engineering consulting companies, with the strong technical support ability of European and American engineering consulting companies, combined with the engineering skills of the company's own professional and technical personnel, to jointly develop and expand domestic business, bring the advanced concepts of European and American into China, improve the production efficiency of production units, save energy and reduce consumption, and jointly develop new applications.

Shanghai Ruihao has rich experience in chemical separation. The technicians of the company have more than 10 years of practical operation and engineering design application experience in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, and have cooperated with some large domestic companies for many years. We will combine foreign advanced technology with practical application experience to innovate and develop, and apply domestic customers; we provide comprehensive services for chemical process separation solutions according to the specific requirements of customers' projects, including project conceptual design, feasibility study, process development, provision of proprietary process mass transfer separation equipment and complete modular system equipment, as well as one of the systems Supply of some key equipment

Process solutions range from feasibility studies and process development to providing proprietary process equipment and complete Turnkey systems, often in a modular form and providing complete performance guarantees.

The demanding chemical separation provides a unique separation solution based on the perfect combination of the following separation unit operations. These technologies include:

Distillation and absorption. Polymer products. Thin film evaporation. Gas-liquid separation. Reaction technology

In addition, Shanghai Ruihao also provides process solutions for many chemical process technology fields, such as:

solvent recovery. polymer products. product purification. wastewater and exhaust gas treatment (environmental protection projects). food and beverages. biofuels and biochemicals. Reaction technology

So we pay more attention to the following industrial fields:

. Fine and specialty chemicals industry. Polymer industry. Chemical and petrochemical industry. Pharmaceutical industry. Food and beverage industry. Biofuel and biorefinery industry.

One of our core competitive advantages is that our services cover the entire development process of the project, from the initial conceptual design to the start-up of the project. We provide:

Engineering services including feasibility study, factory optimization, transformation and de-bottlenecks research and conceptual design. Basic engineering design and detailed engineering design. Provision of key equipment. Project management, equipment installation guidance, commissioning and start-up, after-sales service

We continue to develop innovative technologies to solve complex separation problems. Combining our process operation unit with a complete set of process solutions, we have unique and rich experience in this regard. The organic combination of the above experience with our advanced process equipment and complete set of process solutions is the key to our success.

Engineering cooperation

In terms of engineering design, Shanghai Ruihao has carried out strategic cooperation with some class a design institutes, and the two sides have close cooperation in the field of engineering design. Refine and deepen on the basis of preliminary design and process package provided by Shanghai Ruihao. Form detailed design documents. And provide a good late service.

In the field of micro reaction, Shanghai Ruihao cooperates with Shanghai Hybrzd-Chem Technologies. With the research and development (R & D)and process development capabilities of Shanghai Hybrzd-Chem Technologies, Shanghai Ruihao provides some key equipment to support the engineering R & D and project construction of Shanghai Hybrzd-Chem Technologies.

In terms of key equipment processing, Shanghai Ruihao cooperates deeply with some excellent manufacturers to complete the equipment manufacturing process and carry out cooperative development on some special equipment.