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Application of reboiler, evaporator and mixer in engineering plastics project2020-04-22

For a domestic polycarbonate engineering plastics project, Shanghai Ruihao provided several falling film reboilers, evaporators, and mixers of this unit with its excellent design experience and cus

Layout polymer production industry2020-04-22

In 2017, Shanghai Ruihao actively deployed in the polymer production industry, taking full advantage of the experience and advantages of foreign partners, and made progress in PIB, PC, latex and ot

Expanding the field of medicine2020-04-22

In order to better serve the customers in the pharmaceutical industry, Shanghai ruihao has been actively expanding its business in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. In 2017, it has made gre

The pharmaceutical industry further expands its business2020-04-22

More and more pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on our experience in material separation and thermal energy recovery to achieve the purity requirements of solvent recovery. In order to better serve

The company homepage is online! !2017-08-08

Dear friends, the revised version of the company's homepage of Shanghai Ruihao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. came online on August 8, 2017! ! Welcome to watch!