Welcome to Shanghai Ruihao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd
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Shanghai Ruihao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is an emerging company composed of a group of like-minded elites in the chemical and pharmaceutical field. They have common dreams, common pursuits and common ideas. To provide our customers with more effective and effective services.

At the beginning of its establishment, Shanghai Ruihao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with European and American engineering consulting companies, and formed an alliance to expand domestic business and introduce foreign advanced concepts into China. Optimize the production efficiency of domestic production equipment and solve the problems in the operation process of the equipment.

Shanghai Ruihao has rich experience in chemical separation. The technicians of the company have more than 10 years of practical operation and engineering design application experience in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, and have cooperated with some large domestic companies for many years. We will combine foreign advanced technology with practical application experience to innovate and develop, and apply domestic customers; we provide comprehensive services for chemical process separation solutions according to the specific requirements of customers' projects, including project conceptual design, feasibility study, process development, provision of proprietary process mass transfer separation equipment and complete modular system equipment, as well as one of the systems Supply of some key equipment.

Shanghai Ruihao has good cooperation with East China University of science and technology and Northwest University in petrochemical industry and medicine, making use of their experience in petrochemical industry and medicine, and combining with Shanghai Ruihao's experience in process and engineering design. Effectively solve the operational problems of customers in production, and provide customers with effective solutions.